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Where do we go, when we die?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Anyone who believes that there is God, also believes that our life on this earth is not the end and there is life after death. God through his revelation in the scriptures reveals to some degree the “place” where life after death will continue. There is nothing more contrasting than what is revealed in this area of belief. In Islam, Paradise according to Islam is essentially sensual in nature with things that are available to satisfy the flesh including sexual pleasures ( see another blog " Paradise According to Islam" on this website). The nature of paradise reflects the attributes of the God whom they believe in. When we compare the Islamic perspective with the biblical description of heaven and we can discern the contrast like day and night. In Christianity, heaven is revealed as a spiritual place where God’s glory is seen and to be experienced through fellowship with him. Provided below are a PDF article and videos that describe the biblical and Islamic perspective of life after death. After you have watched these videos, ask this question: Is the Allah of Islam the same as the God of the bible?

Compare this with the information in another blog entitled " Paradise According to Islam".

1.PDF Article: Afterlife and the Quran

.2 Apologetics Press - Afterlife

2. The Islamic Bridge to Heaven

3. Where do we go when we die?

5. The Truth About Heaven

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