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Why Did Jesus Die ?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Muslims do not doubt the existence of the person of Jesus Christ in the Gospels as in the Quran they refer to Him as “Isa”, the son of Mariyam. However, the Quran denies the death of Jesus by crucifixion, His resurrection, and his divinity as the Son of God. The next important question is WHY did Jesus die? The Bible in Luke states that Jesus came to save the lost. But Muslims failed to understand this. Under Islamic theology, there is no need for a redeemer or a savior as each person is responsible for his/her own actions. According to the Quran, to be saved to enter paradise is about submission and obedience to Allah and doing good works to please him.

Therefore, answering the question “Why did Jesus die?” will give us the reasons which are starkly absent in the Islamic narrative. For us to understand fully, we need to understand the problem of sin, God’s revealed nature of love and righteousness and justice, his covenanted redemption initiative, and finally, the blood covenant that Jesus came to fulfill.

Provided below is the PDF slide presentation and the five-part series on the Blood Covenant which gives us excellent teaching about blood covenant, which in our normal bible study, have often been ignored or failed to give sufficient emphasis to contextualize it in relation to why Jesus died. Please take time to watch.

PDF slide presentation:

CA103-8.3 Why Did Jesus Die.
Download PDF • 3.12MB

The Blood Covenant -Part 1

The Blood Covenant -Part 2

The Blood Covenant-Part 3

The Blood Covenant -Part 4

The Blood Covenant - Part 5

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