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The Truth About the Kaaba

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Islam claims to be an an "Abrahamic Religion", a description that is only used to describe the origin of Islam, although Abraham during his time has no formal religion. The reason that this is done is to allow Islam to claim the legitimacy of its ancient roots putting it at par with or even above Judaism and Christianity although it was founded around 600 AD whereas Abraham and Ishmael lived 2500 years earlier. Also, Muhammad claims that he is the last of the prophets and final messenger following most of its past prophets most of whom came from the lineage of Abraham. One of the claims that Islam made is that the Kaaba in Mecca was built by Abraham and his son Ishmael. Is this true? Also, what is the origin of the Kaaba?

The article by David Webb (see PDF file below) entitled " Why does Quran claim Abraham built the Kaaba when he never went anywhere near Mecca?" examines this. Some of the many questions that he raised are answered by the archaeological finding of Dan Gibson (video below) which traces the pagan origin of the Kaaba and also its original location to be in the pagan city of Petra and not Mecca as Mecca did not exist at that time. As background information, a short write-up on "What Muslims Believe about the Kaaba" is also provided below.

What Muslims Believe about the Kaaba
Download PDF • 578KB

Did Abraham & Ishmael built the Kaaba
Download PD • 352KB

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