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Salvation -What is the Truth?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The issue of salvation is the single most important doctrine that distinguishes the Christian faith from the other beliefs. All paths do not lead to the same God as is commonly believed and therefore, not all ways to salvation lead to salvation. The way to life is on God’s terms alone; the way to damnation is on any terms a person wants because every other way except God’s way leads to the same fate. The choice is between the one and many, the one right and many wrongs, the one true way and the many false ways.

For the full article, please open the PDF files below (the article in BM is provided)

1. Slide presentation: Salvation - What is the Truth?

CA103-13 Salvation_What is the Truth R1
Download • 3.57MB

2. PDF Article: Salvation - What is the Truth? (also in Malay version)

InSPIRE CA102 Salvation_What is the Trut
Download • 1.18MB
CA102 Penyelamatan - Apakah Kebenararany
Download • 864KB

3. PDF Article: Why are Good Deeds Weighted in Balance? The Islamic Doctrine of Salvation.

Why Are Good Deeds Weighed in a Balance
Download • 128KB

4. Video on: How Do you know You're Really Saved?

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