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Muslims say "We Love Jesus" - What is the Christian response?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Muslims in their dawah on Christians often use the tag line “I am a Muslim, I Love Jesus!”. Obviously, the approach is to present that Christianity and Islam have the common belief in Jesus and hence, it should not be an issue for Christians to revert to Islam which they consider the original religion. Is this true? or is this a claim based on fake grounds?

Firstly, Muslims assume that the Isa (Muslim Jesus) is the same person as Jesus Christ in the Bible. But the name “Jesus” (or “Yeshua” in Greek) is not mentioned in the Quran. To distinguish whether the Isa is the same as Jesus, it is required that we make a comparison.

One of the key questions that should be put to Muslims is “Why do you love Jesus? What has he done to make you love him?”. The Islamic narrative is devoid of such reasons as the Isa in the Quran, it seems is inserted in the Quranic text as an object for denying who Jesus is in the Bible and also to elevate Muhammad as the final prophet and messenger.

A PDF slide presentation and video are provided below showing the comparison between Jesus and Isa (the Muslim Jesus). The takeaway conclusion is that the Jesus that the Muslims say they love is not the same as the Jesus of the Bible.

Slide presentation: A Christian Response to "We Muslims Love Jesus"

CA103-4 Christian Response to We Muslim
Download • 1.74MB

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