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Is Islam an Abrahamic Religion ?

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

The following quote is a typical misconception of Islam and its relationship with Judaism and Christianity :

Islam is an ancient religion with profound historical and theological ties to Judaism and Christianity. All three religions worship the same God, acknowledge large parts of the same Bible, and revere Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses. And, as do Christians, Muslims regard Jesus as the Messiah. In fact, Islam teaches that it represents the modern mainstream of a primordial, monotheistic religion that began with the earliest humans. Over millennia, the religion took form with the early Jewish prophets, was modified significantly by Jesus and finally shaped by Muhammad, the final prophet, who died in 632 AD.” The Washington Post on May 13, 1998, Carolyn Ruff on, Exploring Islam.

The term” Abrahamic religions” is commonly referred to as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam with each claiming to relate to Abraham. The Jews, claim to have biological descent from him, and their faith makes them the recipients of the promises God made to him. The Muslims accept him as a prophet and believe he founded the Kaaba in Mecca as a place for pilgrimage. For Christians, God’s promises were made to Abraham and were realized in the person of Christ, not for Israel alone but also for the gentiles who come into the covenant through faith in Jesus Christ.

Although the three faiths are monotheistic believing in one God, the differences with Islam are striking and fundamental. There may be superficial similarities, but fundamental differences are irreconcilable. It is essential to pay attention to these differences. It is erroneous to consider Islam an Abrahamic religion even though it claimed to come from Abraham. Claiming to be Abrahamic does not make it Abrahamic.

Please open the PDF files and video discussion below for the complete articles and slides.

1. Slide Presentation: Confusion in Interfaith Dialogue

CA103-17.0 Confusion in Interfaith Dialogue
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2. Slide presentation & Notes: Is Islam an Abrahamic Religion?

CA103-17.1 - Presenter Notes - Is Islam an Abrahamic Faith R9.
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What Is Islam's Relationship to Christianity__ Theological Analysis of the Bible and the Q
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