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Your Reality is Determined by your Worldview - Knowing what is true will set you free

Your worldview is the "lens" through which you see the world you are in. It is from which we have our perspective of our lives and the things around us. It forms our mind-set and it is shaped by our upbringing, what you were taught, your life experiences an your culture. Your world view determines your attitude, your personal opinion/preferences, your values, your belief system and finally, it shapes your conduct and lifestyle. It is your sense of "reality". Therefore, if your worldview is shaped by lies, then you are likely to be deceived. Jesus said "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). Therefore, we need to find the truth and for a Christian, every belief must be tested against the biblical truth to correctly discern what is true so that we are not in error.

The video presentation below by our sister in Christ ( a ex-Muslim) gives an excellent explanation on how her personal worldview was shaped and she gives excellent suggestions on how to break free from a narrow and closed mindset which had restricted one's freedom to think more openly. The result is that she freed herself and she received personal transformation through many life-changing breakthroughs when she came to know Christ and to accept biblical truths.

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