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Why Did God Command Animal Sacrifices ?

Concerning the issue of why God requires sacrifice for the atonement of sin, we provide below the slide presentation and an article by Sam Green, a prominent Christian apologist, and polemic. The fundamental points we need to consider on the understanding of this are:

(1) Sin is against God and as God is the offended party, he determines the way reconciliation is done. Man being the offender cannot determine according to his own wish. In Islam, sin is not against God but against man’s own soul and Islamic doctrine also says Allah of Islam can and do lead people astray to sin (the main trait of the adversary of Yahweh).

(2) While committing sin is the responsibility of the sinner and God in his love will forgive the sinner upon genuine repentance, the consequence of sin is not removed. Forgiveness comes from the love and mercy of God but He is also righteous and just, so the penalty of sin must be paid as otherwise, God violates His own law and character. This is where atonement is necessary.

(3) The greatness of the God of the Bible is that out of his love he made a commitment by taking an oath upon himself to initiate his unilateral (made without man’s agreement) covenant of redemption which was fulfilled in the new (blood) covenant by Jesus.

(4) All the above are not in the revelation of Allah of Islam to Muhammad and this is why Islam preaches another and a false gospel of salvation by works to please Allah hoping to have his favour on judgment day. The Allah in Islam is not the God of the bible as the latter cannot abrogate what he had covenanted.

1. Slide presentation

CA103-7 Why Did God Command Sacrifices
Download P • 1.26MB

2. Article by Sam Green

.1 How Can One Man Pays for the S

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