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Why are Muslims Leaving Islam?

While Muslims claimed that Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion, analysts have pointed out that the growth is mainly due to natural birth in Muslim families which often exceeds the normal rate when compared with other communities. However, increasingly there is a momentum of Muslims leaving Islam, and there following are the key reasons:

1. Many Muslims are nominal in their faith and these are those whom we considered "moderates and progressives" and most would not have read the Islamic scripture (the Qur'an and Sunnah in-depth), so their worldview is shaped by what their parents or imams have taught them which often are "sugar-coated" or watered down version of their scriptures. So when Muslims begin to study their religious scriptures with a critical mind they began to see the lie and deception that they have been told to them since childhood. This accessibility of information about Islam's religious narrative is very much helped by the internet and other channels of social media.

2. Many Muslims who have migrated to the west have more freedom to choose what they believe with lesser religious, communal, and cultural coercion that is imposed on apostasy.

3. Many have also left Islam and accepted Christianity, through supernatural encounters with the person of Christ in times of their need and other circumstances, especially when having doubts in Islam and asking God to reveal the true God to them. We have many testimonies of such cases.

4. Many have also come to believe in Jesus through the Good News (Gospel) being shared with them in an uncompromising way where the truth of the bible is adequately explained to them and they are able to discern what is the truth.

5. Finally, some have left Islam as they feel "suffocated" by the oppressive legalism that restricts their personal freedom and creativity.

The video provided below gives an insight into how and why Islam is losing its believers, especially those who are in the West.

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