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The Spirit World Realities -Islam vs Christian Perspectives

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Knowledge of the realm of the spirit world is very much a part of the belief system in any religion. In Christianity, our God wants us to know about things of the spirit including the adversary Satan and his kingdom of darkness. The bible shows us in adequate detail the origin, the kingdom, and the works of the devil. But in Islam, the narrative about "syaitan" is starkly different from what the bible says. Muslims have an incorrect view of the demonic kingdom and therefore, many continue to have a view that borders on superstition. Unlike Christians, Muslims do not carry the spiritual authority in the name of Jesus Christ and hence, they are powerless to deal with demonic manifestations and have a fear of jinns.

The three articles provided below (in PDF files) discuss these issues giving the biblical view, the Islamic view reproduced from Islam sources and a brief comparison with the biblical knowledge.

BFI_ Satan the Devil and his Kingdom
Download PDF • 258KB

CA103-18.1 the_world_of_the_jinn
Download PDF • 85KB

BFI What are Jinns
Download PDF • 373KB

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