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The Resurrection of Jesus - The Quran Contradicts the Bible

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The core tenets of Christianity believing in the divinity of Jesus Christ, his death by crucifixion, and His resurrection from the dead are the three core pillars of the Christian faith which Islam denies. The case for the resurrection of Jesus underpins the foundational truth. Islam denies the resurrection of Jesus but instead states that Jesus (Isa) was taken up by Allah. If Islam accepts the resurrection, it has to accept the death of Jesus and the crucifixion which both contradict the Quran. Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that Islam considers Jesus as a prophet of lower status than Muhammad, Jesus is the only prophet who is still alive today and will return on the Day of Resurrection at the end of the age to judge the people.

In the Islamic narrative, Muhammad will be the first to enter Paradise before any believers, implying that all the dead will remain in the grave until the Day of Resurrection. On this day, two angels will extract the dead for examination of their deeds and test for their answers to specific questions, after which Allah will decide who goes to hell or paradise. This uncertainty does lead Muslims to fear and please Allah and obtain His favour through submission, obedience, good works, and compliance with Syariah. In contrast, in Christianity, believing in the resurrection of Jesus is our salvation where, those who are in Christ, will be given a “new birth” (second born again!) into a living hope to eternal life (1 Peter 1:3-4).

The Bible tells us about our own resurrection which is connected to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and gives us, who are in Christ, the blessed hope of life after death.

Provided below are PDF slides explaining the resurrection of Jesus, also please see the video series for a more in-depth presentation.

1. Slide presentation: The Resurrection of Jesus

CA103-10 The Resurrection of Jesus R3
Download PD • 2.09MB

2. Article: The Resurrection of Jesus

.1 Notes_The Resurrection of Jes

3. Videos

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