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Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

How often have we heard the declaration: "Islam is a religion of peace" made especially by those politicians who want to be politically correct. In any religion, staunch believers conduct themselves following the teachings and doctrines of what they believe in their religion and/or follow the lifestyle of the founder who is revered as an exemplary and perfect model to imitate.

After the terrible events of September 11th in USA, the conduct of ISIS in their self-declared Caliphate in the Middle East, and countless attacks by terrorists in the name of Allah of Islam around the world, we have heard many Muslims saying what Islam does and does not teach with regard to violence towards others, and about the co-existence of Muslims with non-Muslims. Some say that Islam is a religion of peace, that it does not allow the killing of others, and that those who carried out the attacks are twisting the teachings of Islam by claiming to act in the name of Islam. Still, others say that Islam does indeed allow the killing of others and that it is even a noble aim. Who is right?

Obviously, we cannot judge any religion by just looking at those who claim to follow it. It would be all too easy to point a finger at the many Muslims who have perpetrated violence against Christians, Jews, and others over the centuries and conclude that Islam preaches violence, or to point the finger at the many Christians who have perpetrated violence against Muslims, Jews, and others and conclude that Christianity preaches violence. This would, however, be quite erroneous. Not all who claim to act in the name of a religion are true adherents to its teachings. To answer the question with which we are concerned today, then, it is necessary to go back to the sources of Islam to see what they have to say about violence and about co-existence with adherents of other faiths. Foremost it is necessary to consider the Qur’an, Islam’s holy book, that Muslims believe was revealed to Muhammad from God, and the Hadith, which are the collections of Muhammad’s sayings and actions. These are the first two sources of Islam to consider the actions of the prophet of Islam and his companions as they were the people that understood the Qur’an the best, and who are taken as role models by Muslims today.

The articles provided (PDF file) below give an analysis of how Islamic doctrines are the foundations of the conduct of Muslims who carry out jihad including suicide bombers especially when martyrdom gives direct access to Paradise and with special rewards in the life hereafter.

CA103-15.1 Attachment_ Is Islam a Religion of Peace
Download PDF • 385KB

The Religious Foundations of Suicide Bom
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