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The New Covenant & Islam - Why Jesus Came to Earth

Islam denies the divinity of Jesus Christ and his redemption work which saving man from their sins. Jesus came to fulfill the promises of God to bring salvation to man after the fall of Adam. In the bible, this covenant is called "the New Covenant" and even the Qur'an acknowledges the existence of a covenant made as in Surah 5:14: “Likewise, We also made a covenant with those who call themselves Christians . . .”

The article (PDF file below) discusses the meaning of the New Covenant according to the Bible. To know about the New Covenant will lead us to understand the pathway to salvation that comes from God and not from man. Also see the video below on "7 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Earth".

inSPIRE CA101_The New Covenant & Islam
Download • 537KB

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