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The Mary (Mariyam) Paradox

Islam claims to be the final revelation given by Allah to Muhammad being the seal and last prophet/ messenger. The Quran being brought down from heaven is without error or contradiction and perfectly preserved. This gives the basis of the establishment of Islam and religion coming from the same God of the bible. It claims to be an Abrahamic religion like Judaism and Christianity and Muhammad is connected to previous prophets of the bible including Jesus. Its narrative also includes the virgin birth of Jesus and Mary (Mariyam). Mariyam is revered and there is a whole chapter in the Quran about her today, there are also mosques that are dedicated to her. However, the persons of Abraham, Jesus (Isa), and Mariyam are reconstructed persons in Islam that differ from the narrative in the Bible.

The video below discusses the person of Mariyam and what the Quran says about her and what are the differences and errors when compared with the bible.

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