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The Covenant-Making God - A key distinction between the God of the Bible and Allah of Islam

Two of the most important features that distinguish the God of the Bible (Yahweh) and God of Islam (Allah) are (1) the Trinitarian (triune unity) being of God and (2) the covenant-making God. It is essential for Christians to understand the reason why Yahweh made covenants and the covenants that were made. Our relationship with God is based on his covenants. - see the chart below. Although the covenants were made with Israel it is important to distinguish those which are especially applicable to Israel and those that cover the gentiles as well (e;g. the New Covenant).

Throughout the bible, God's redemption plan to save man is implemented through these covenants. It is indeed amazing to know that God put himself under oath by his own name to communicate assuredly to us as believers of the fulfillment of what he promises. This is something that Allah does not do but instead, reverses the biblical covenants and contradicting Yahweh's redemption plan.

Whether a prophet is from Yahweh can be tested by judging whether he brings a message or a prophecy that fits into and is aligned with the nature of these covenants. Yahweh cannot lie and contradicts Himself. Therefore, to know and understand biblical covenants is crucial not only in our understanding of the Scripture but also to be able to discern falsehood.

Please see the articles and the two videos below on covenants.

1. Slide presentation: Is Islam a Part of the Everlasting Covenant?

CA103-6 Is Islam a Part of the the Everlasting Covenant
Download PDF • 3.15MB

2. PDF Article: THe Everlasting Covenant

CA101 The Everlasting Covenant
Download PDF • 268KB

3. The Covenants in the Bible

4_The Covenants in the Bible mbs021m
Download PDF • 224KB

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