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Predestination in Islam

The last pillar of the Islamic faith in which every Muslim must believe is the concept of Al-Qadr, which closely translates to pre-ordainment (or predestination/ Divine Decree, destiny, fate). When a Muslim believes in the tenet of Al-Qadr (or Divine Decree) he or she affirms that everything good or bad that happens in his or her life comes from Allah, something He Willed to happen. Al-Qadr in Arabic linguistically means to measure, to determine, to assess, to decide, to judge. In the context of Islam, the term translates to ‘Divine determined measurements and sustenance for everyone and everything, in accordance with His Wisdom and Power.

The article and video below discuss what Islam says about predestination and how it leads to the attitude of fatalism where believers believe that no matter what one does, things are going to turn out as they have been previously ordained.

CA101 Presdesination in Islam
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