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Jesus is God but Isa is Not - the Sonship of Jesus

◦1) While Christianity declares Jesus to be both human and divine, Islam rejects the notion of Jesus’ divinity. As a result, Christians worship Jesus, while Muslims revere Jesus and accept him as an inspired prophet, based on the Qurʾanic accounts of his life and acts.

2) Christians regard Jesus as the son of God, a concept that is not accepted by Muslims, who instead affirm that God does not procreate and have offspring.

3) Jesus referred to himself as the "Son of Man", a title referring to his divinity and appearance at the end of the age, coming in power & authority to judge the world. Islam has no concept of this title.

Jesus Christ is both Son of God and the Son of Man (Matthew 26:63-65), being truly God and truly human. What does this mean?

1. Slide presentation: Jesus is God but Isa is Not

CA103-1A-1 Jesus is God but Isa is Not
Download PDF • 1.39MB

2. PDF Article: Truly God & Truly Man - The Council of Chalcedon

CA103-1A-2 Truly God & Truly Man
Download PDF • 777KB

3. Video: What Jesus Said About Who He is

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