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Islamic Spirit World Realities - Allah, Satan (Iblis), Jinn & Shayatin (devils)

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The subject of the spirit world relationship between Allah, Satan (Iblis), Jinn, and Shayatins is not often discussed as an integrated whole. The videos and articles provided below are to give a complete perspective on what Islam says. You may be surprised to see how Allah is related to these created beings of the demonic kingdom.

The Quran admits Allah is Satan:

Comparison - Allah, Satan ( Iblis), demons, Jinn & Shayatin. PDF article below:

CA103-18 Comparision Satan Iblis Jinns D
Download • 817KB

The spirit world of Jinn - PDF article below will give you an understanding of Jinn, which are spirit beings created by Allah as a parallel to the creation of humans.

CA103-18.1 the_world_of_the_jinn
Download PDF • 85KB

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