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Who is Jesus? Is Jesus of the Bible the same as Isa of the Quran ?

Updated: Jan 11

Muslims claim that their Isa al-Masih (Isa the Messiah) in the Qur'an is the same as our Jesus (or Yeshua) of the Bible. In their claim, Isa (Muslim Jesus) is the true Jesus. Therefore, it is common in their Daw'ah (proselytizing ) of Christians they use the tagline " Muslims love Jesus" to mislead ignorant Christians that the Muslim Jesus (Isa) is similar to the Jesus (Yahshua) of the Bible and hence, converting to Islam does not deny Jesus. Is this true? of course, this is not true. Islamic narrative about Jesus directly contradicts who Jesus is and his redemptive work. In short, Islam preaches another Jesus and another gospel.

For Christians, you need to understand why knowing Christ is essential. See the following links:

Why is Christology important?

CA103-4.3 Why Is Christology Important
Download PDF • 525KB

CA103-4.4 Why Is Christology Important-Dr Lim Poh Ann
Download PDF • 917KB

Below are a slide presentation, articles, and videos:

1. Slide presentation: Is Isa, Jesus Christ?

CA103-4 Who is Jesus - R15 Updated 11 Jan 2023
Download PDF • 3.48MB

2. Article: Jesus in the Quran, Muslims got a False View

.1 Attach_Jesus in the Quran_Mus

3. Article: Isa the Muslim Jesus

CA101 Isa the Muslim Jesus _Mark Durie
Download P • 384KB
CA103-4.5 Who is the Muslim Jesus _Truth Net
Download PDF • 188KB

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