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Is ISIS Islamic ?

The conduct of war by ISIS and its rule over the territories which they taken and subject to Islamic law under their caliphate state has brought into the forefront their practices that shocked the world including Muslims. ISIS claims that they are following to the letter what Islam and its founder prescribed and that they are the true followers of Islam. Is this true ? To understand whether ISIS is Islamic, we have to understand the doctrines of Islam.

The article below (PDF file) discusses this issue. It is important to discern that it is not about Muslims but about what their religion prescribe them to do to follow the right pathway of Islam. It answers the question of whether Islam is a religion of peace. Yes, every religion or ideological groups has its "radicals". Is ISIS radicals or are they the norm following what Islam prescribe as the true path? The conduct of ISIS also reveals how Islam views its relationship with non-believers (infidels and kafirs) .

ISIS _ Is it Islamic
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