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Historical, Geographical and Scientific Errors in the Quran

Islam claims that the Quran is the divinely preserved book brought down from heaven. Muslims believe that Islam is perfect and that the Hadith and the Qur’an as a whole contain no errors. However, progressively more and more pieces of evidence are surfacing proofing that it has different versions, scientific, historical, and geographical errors that undermine the claim that the author is Allah who is omniscient and all-knowing. Increasingly, such evidence is leading to the conclusion that the Quran was written by man appropriating text from the Jewish Rabbinical literature, the bible, pre-Islamic pagan beliefs, Arabian tribal culture, and Zoroastrian beliefs.

Any scripture that is claimed to be from God or inspired by God should be subject to critical examinations to test its authenticity. The bible has for many centuries been subjected to critique in various aspects and today had stood the tests leveled against it. Likewise, the Quran is going through similar tests, but its foundations are falling apart due to the exposure of many false claims pointing to the conclusion that the author is not Allah.

The Allah of Islam protects the Quran by prohibiting Muslims from questioning it

Provided below are video presentations on this subject.

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