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Has the Bible been Corrupted ?

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Islam declares that the Quran is the perfectly preserved word of Allah with the tablets existing in Heaven, but, this is a myth which Muslims were told to believe. Today there is undisputable strong evidence to prove that the author of the Quran is not Allah but man. Ironically, the Quran affirms the reliability of the Torah and Injil (Gospel)- see another post on this blog: "The Quran Confirms the Reliability of the Bible".

Unlike the Quran, the Bible is the inspired word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit of God to write what God has inspired and revealed to men chosen by God. Christianity did not claim that there is a single divinely preserved text.

See the article below and the video presentations.

1. Slide presentation: Is the Bible Corrupted as Claimed by Muslims?

CA103-3 Is the Bible Corrupted Claimed b
Download • 1.78MB

2. "To What Extent the Bible is Inspired by God" by R A Torrey

To What Extent is the Bible Inspired by
Download • 607KB

3. Why Muslims should advocate Bible Inerrancy

.1 Why Muslims should advocate bi

3. Video presentation (nine-part series)

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