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Does Jesus Exist in the Quran ?

The author of the Quran constructed a person called “Isa” from appropriating information that was taken from the bible and other gnostic books. The name Isa is mention 93 times even much more than the name Muhammad, the founder of Islam which is mentioned only 4 times. No one knows where the name “Isa” is derived from but Muslims associate “Isa” to the biblical Jesus or Yahshua (in Hebrew). The Arab Christians refer to Jesus as “Yasu” and not Isa. Despite this, Muslims associate the Quranic Isa to the Biblical Jesus and claims that they love Jesus and revered him as a Prophet and Messenger of Allah and even the Messiah (al-Masih).

A study of the Quran on Isa will reveal clearly that Jesus does not exist in the Quran, but a reconstruction of a person call Isa is made to resemble Jesus. This distinction is important because the narrative of Isa (the Quranic Jesus) is in direct contradiction to what the bible says about Jesus. Therefore, from the biblical standpoint when Islam claims Isa as Jesus, it is teaching a false gospel about a false Jesus. As Christians, we have been warned by Jesus himself about the coming of false Christ (Matthew 24:24) and/or another Jesus of a false gospel (Galatians 1:5-9; 2 Corinthians 11:4). Also, as Islam denies Jesus as God incarnate who came in the flesh makes Islam an anti-Christ spirit (1John 2:22, 4:3; 2John 1:7).

Video by Christian Prince:: Does Jesus Exist in Islam?

PDF article: Is Isa the same as Jesus

CA101 Is Isa the same as Jesus
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