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Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God ?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

It is a serious misconception to think that Christians and Muslims believe and worship the same God. The God of Islam is "Allah" ( meaning 'The God' ) and the God of the bible is known by his personal name, "Yahweh". If Yahweh and Allah are the same, they must be similar in name, essence, being, and attributes and give similar revelations and instructions. There cannot be any significant and essential differences. How often have we mistaken a person's identity until we start to realize that his personal characteristics are very different from the one we are referring to. While Middle-Eastern Christians use "Allah" to refer to God, it is essential that they know the Allah they are worshiping is distinct from the "Allah in Islam". In their mind, there shouldn't be any confusion that Christians do not worship the same "Allah (The God)" as Islam.

The videos and article below (in PDF file) discuss this issue. Also, refer to another blog on this website -"Who is the God of Abraham?".

CA101 Do Christians & Muslims Worship th
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Is Allah Satan _ Truth Watchers
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