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The Deity of Jesus Christ - Did Jesus Say "I am God, worship me" ?

When Christians present their beliefs, it makes sense for Muslims to ask, “Could you show us where in the Bible Jesus say "I am God, worship me?”. Christians should therefore be eager to present evidence from the Gospel because Muslims cannot condemn us for doing what the Quran commands. Indeed, the Quran affirms not only the Gospel but also the Torah (Q5:43). Muslims cannot ignore what the Bible says without discrediting Islam.

Muslims worldwide are being trained to ask Christians, “Where did Jesus say, 'I am God, worship me,' in those exact words?” However, if Muslims are suggesting that Jesus could only claim to be God by uttering a specific sentence, we may reply by asking, “Where did Jesus say, "I am only a prophet, don’t worship me,‟ in those exact words?” The unreasonable demand for a particular statement, if applied consistently, would thus force Muslims to reject their own view!

For the full article, please read the PDF files and videos below

1. PDF Powerpoint slide provided below:

CA103-1 The Deity of Jesus R4
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CA103-1 Where Did Jesus say I am God Worship Me R3
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CA103-1.2 Biblical Summation on the Deity of Christ
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